frank meschkuleit’s 
•steven spielbergs “falling skies”
• toopy and binoo
fraggle rock
the mighty jungle*
mustard pancakes*
• internet slutts*
st. bears doll’s hospital*
• land’O’Hands*
• longhouse tales*
• rufus the dog
• little star*
professor iris*

*head puppeteer/choreographer
corporate and commercial
•canada dry
• kraft
• mcdonalds
• loblaws
• petro canada
• labatt
• zellers
• oxy
• quaker
• planters
• federal express
full list available 
upon request

theatrical work

the left hand of frank

• master peter’s puppet play

• woyzek

• balance

• happy end

  1. both hands of frank

  2. puppetry workshops for children and adults

*versatile improvisor

additional skills

body suit work, telemetry, servo installation and adjustment, operate remote control planes and cars, boats and helicopters. I speak fluent english and german. two years physical theatre training. st. John’s ambulance first aid training


•the thing (2011)

•alien vs Predator 2

•max payne

•the love guru

•harold and kumar go to white castle

•scary movie 3


•bride of chucky

•phil the alien

•santa clause 2

•cats and dogs

•the tuxedo